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MSHV Amateur Radio Software

MSHV Supported working modes: MSK JTMS FSK ISCAT JT6M FT8/4 JT65 PI4

 Project page for developers and source code can be found here:
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New in version 2.39:
  • Added: In Menu Decode, plug-in option "Use Three-stage Decoding FT8" (beta version), as in WSJT-X 2.2.0 rc2.
        For using this option, for the moment need high speed PC, e.g.(Intel Core i3,i5,i7...).
        For the moment method of work:
        1 Stage: decode at 11.8 s.
        2 Stage: subtraction all from 1 stage at 13.5 s.
        3 Stage: subtraction all who is not subtracted in 2 stage and make decode at 14.7 s.       
  • Added: New message format for EU VHF Contest, This change is not backward compatible with earlier versions of MSHV and WSJT-X.
  • Added: In "Interface Control", RIG TS-890S.
  • Corrected: TX Sounds error in Windows.
  • Added: In "Multi Answering Auto Seq Protocol", zero calls count in List Queued.


WSJT-X Software by Joe K1JT
WSJT Software by Joe K1JT
Acknowledgements to K1JT Joe Taylor and WSJT Development Group. The algorithms, source code, look-and-feel of WSJT-X and related programs, and protocol specifications for the modes FSK441, FT8, JT4, JT6M, JT9, JT65, JTMS, QRA64, ISCAT, MSK144, are Copyright © 2001-2017 by one or more of the following authors: Joseph Taylor, K1JT; Bill Somerville, G4WJS; Steven Franke, K9AN; Nico Palermo, IV3NWV; Greg Beam, KI7MT; Michael Black, W9MDB; Edson Pereira, PY2SDR; Philip Karn, KA9Q; and other members of the WSJT Development Group.




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